Mud Dauber Records

Sad Iron Music

"Sad Iron Music isn’t country music, exactly, or rather it’s what country music should be–exploring the folk music idioms codified in country to make listeners feel something genuine."
-Little Village

"Jason T. Lewis has the perfect voice for singing alternative country. I'm not quite sure exactly what I mean by that, but his vocals just feel right, in much the same way as the likes of Jay Farrar, Ryan Adams and Gary Louris etc... So how does his 'comeback' album measure up? I'm pleased to say, astonishingly well!"
--Maverick Magazine (UK)

Jason Lewis used to line in New York City and was the frontman and songwriter for Star City, a band No Depression magazine called “the best band you’ve never heard of". Now he lives in Iowa City and the brain behind Sad Iron Music, in which he performs with other nice people. He's a dad, a husband, a studio producer, a writer, and a general suburban bad-ass. Be warned, he was probably unshaven and wearing sweatpants when he recorded those songs...that's why they feel so comfortable.


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