Acne Skin Care For Men

Many acne care products are made for and created with females in mind.  The drug companies believe that women supposedly care more about their appearance than men do.  That isn’t true at all and by ignoring the male market these companies actually make it hard for men to treat their acne.   Men feel left out in the fight against acne. There are ways for men to treat their acne breakouts and these ways will help them more than the traditional treatments that women use.

Even though male skin is different from female skin, the big companies haven’t really addressed the needs of men.   Men can use some of the same techniques that women use but they have to do things a little differently.  Male skin is tougher than female skin and that means that a man will have to use a facial cleanser that will dig deeper into the skin to get out all of the impurities.  Facial cleansers that have aloe and sea salt as an ingredient will get deep into those pores and do a better than ordinary cleansers.

Men also have an advantage that women don’t in fighting acne.  By shaving, men are actually exfoliating their skin.  When the razor removes the facial hair, it also removes the dead skin too.  But a man should use a high quality shaving cream or gel that is not alcohol based.  This will keep the skin from drying out when shaving.  A good razor is a must too.  Don’t waste money on a cheap razor. Get a good one and keep the blades sharp and clean.  That will prevent irritation and cuts that can help the formation of acne.   After shaving, apply a non-alcohol based after shave lotion or gel.  This will moisturize the skin and help prevent the formation of excess sebum.  Sebum ordinarily moisturizes the skin but too much can actually make the skin oily and cause acne.

As you can see, fighting acne is slightly different for men than it is for women.  But men shouldn’t feel like second class citizens when it comes to skin care.  If you use the right products and keep your skin clean and moisturized, acne can be avoided.

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